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Article: A Guide for Choosing the Best Waist Trainer Shorts for Women

A Guide for Choosing the Best Waist Trainer Shorts for Women

A Guide for Choosing the Best Waist Trainer Shorts for Women

There isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t want to have a slim and harmonious body. And we all know that the perfect body is the one with an hourglass silhouette.

best shapewear bodysuit

Some women are very lucky and born with an hourglass figure, others have to work to achieve it! And things become a little bit more complicated when you don’t like to do sport or to keep any diets. But for everything there is a solution. And if you want to have a lovely hourglass silhouette without diets or sports, then you should use shapewear from FeelinGirl to achieve your goal.

Shapewear items should always be present in any woman’s wardrobe, because their purpose is to help women contour their bodies and to smooth out the fat, so that they will look fabulous in any piece of clothing. Some of the best choices are the waist trainers, the bodysuits, slimming shorts with high waist and also the thigh trimmer with waist band.

high waisted shaper shorts

How to choose the perfect pair of waist trainer shorts?

One of the most popular shapewear items from FeelinGirl are the waist trainer shorts. They are worn by many women for special occasions, when they want to look perfect in an outfit, but there are women who wear them on a daily basis.

You have to keep in mind a few things when choosing the perfect pair of waist trainer shorts.

1. Chose highly qualitative waist trainer shorts

It’s very important to buy high quality shapewear made out of good fabrics. You should always chose a pair of waist trainer shorts made out of nylon and spandex. This fabric combination is very stretchy, adds a very good compression to your body, making it look smaller and smoothing out any fat, is moisture wicking and dry fit, is very soft and doesn’t irritate the skin and, also, is highly comfortable!

plus size seamless shapewear for women

2. Chose seamless waist trainer shorts

The best thing you could do when choosing your waist trainer shorts is to go for a seamless pair. This way no one will know that you are wearing shapewear and you will be able to wear them with anything.

tummy control butt lifter shaper shorts

3. Chose a pair of waist trainer shorts that fit you perfectly

Size is very important, because you don’t want for your shorts to be too loose or too tight. So, you should measure your waist line and then choose your perfect size from the size chart you will find for each product from FeelinGirl.
high waisted shorts and panties

4. Think what type of waist trainer shorts you need

There are various types of waist trainer shorts out there. If you only want a small waist line, a flat abdomen and a lifted but, you should chose the panties version. But, if you also want smaller thighs and hips you should pick a pair of shorts.

Regardless of the pair of shorts you will chose, you should always pick the right size and two different colours: black and nude.

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