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Article: Are butt lifter shapewear really useful?

Are butt lifter shapewear really useful?
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Are butt lifter shapewear really useful?

Yes, the butt lifter shapewear reduces measurements, being the immediate solution to reduce your mannequin by up to 3 figures on the spot and you get in all your clothes!

Thus, compression body shaper is ideal to be used at a party or day to day, because it was thought and designed to act on the critical points and the most difficult to model, in a light, smooth, comfortable and imperceptible way. In addition, it has instant modeling with extremely high elasticity that lifts the butt, narrow the waist and shape thighs and hips at the same time. Also, the Programmed Compression Strips adjust only where needed, without marking or tightening.

compression body shaper

The butt lifter shapewear reduces measurements and has an exclusive shape, which reduces the waist without showing folds and without leaving marks under the clothes! It is perfect and comfortable, because it has a soft, light and thermal stabilizing fabric, which does not heat up, and even allows your skin to breathe. And it also has support areas, which the perfect fit on all bodies. Therefore, the butt lifter shapewear is useful when:

  • Raises the butt;
  • Compresses the belly;
  • Reduces the breeches;
  • With cotton (lining) that does not require the use of panties;
  • Straps that compress the belly lift the butt and shape the thighs.

How should the butt lifter shapewear be used?

Wear with skirts, dresses and tights, as the shapewear completely disappears under clothing. It is important to note that compressions must balance the limit between transforming and deforming, so the ideal size for your butt lifter shapewear may be the same as your panties.


In this way, it adheres perfectly to the body without curling. Being indispensable in every woman's drawer. It also provides more health and well-being.

What are the advantages of using the butt lifter shapewear?

The exclusive technology of shapewear has a spectacular result, which gives support and shape to the butt. A combination of design with smart fabrics that result in a surprising effect.


The use of latex waist trainer brings many benefits, in addition to shaping your body, reducing measurements and improving posture. It helps to improve the firmness of the skin after pregnancy or weight loss and the constant use helps to have a silhouette with enhanced curves.


But the main function of the butt lifter shapewear is to reduce measurements, and in addition to shaping the adipose tissue, the compression of the shaping belt makes you more aware of your body, and consequently you pay more attention to what you eat. This compression in the stomach area makes you feel satisfied with less food, which can also help you lose weight.

What are the benefits of shapewear for high esteem?

The butt lifter shapewear values your body in a smooth way, without plastic surgery, without diets and without suffering at the gym, in gaining an even more sensual body. Because with you can abuse blouses and low-cut dresses with complete confidence.

In addition to enhancing the hips and shaping the body, she also raises her butt, valuing her body and raising her self-esteem every day!


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