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Article: Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainer for Women

Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainer for Women

Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainer for Women

Are you curious about what results can be obtain after using a waist trainer? Well, I was too and after reading about it and seeing many body transformations, I have decided to try it for myself. And I have to confess, I wasn’t expecting to have so amazing results after using a waist trainer!

The moment I knew that I need to wear a waist trainer

I never was very disciplined when it came to diet or doing sports. Actually, I love food and don’t like to exercise at all! And nature was generous with me as I was able to eat and not gain any weight. As you can see I’m talking into the past tense and the reason behind this is that the things changed with time.

plus size waist trainer for women

After my 25th birthday I’ve started to gain weight. It wasn’t much and I wasn’t really bothered by it, as I knew I will naturally lose weight without moving a finger. But things didn’t happen like when I wa younger and instead of losing weight a gained a little bit more. I was still not worried. The moment I started to panic was when I had to put on my favourite pair of lace trousers and they didn’t fit me anymore. I wasn’t even able to zip them as my waist was bigger with a few centimeters now. I was in shock and I went quickly to measure my weight. The shock became even bigger when I saw I’ve gained almost 10 kilograms and I didn’t even see it. I knew I had to change my lifestyle and habits and start loosing weight. I wanted to go back to my former weight and body shape!

steel boned waist trainer

As my waist was my biggest problem and the place where I had the most fat I’ve started looking for a women waist trainer belt. I knew that without shapewear I won’t manage to lose weight, because dieting wasn’t an option for me and even though I was planning to exercise I knew it won’t be enough.

My experience with the waist trainer

After reading online reviews and informing myself on waist trainers and body shapers in general, I have bought a cute waist trainer with animal print. I knew that if I choose an interesting colour, print and design I will love wearing the waist cincher.

latex waist trainer

The moment it arrived I was so eager that I’ve tried it right away. Happily, it was a perfect fit! I was a bit worried about the size even though I had measured my waist and checked the size chart FeelinGirl store had for the product, so the size it shouldn’t have been a problem.

My first sensation was that it is too tight. This was because I wasn’t used wearing anything super tight around my waist. I also knew it had to be tight, otherwise I won’t lose weight. The second sensation was that it was super soft, I wasn’t expecting that, but it felt great on the skin.

double belt waist trainer

I’ve managed to wear it for about one hour in the first two days. I didn’t want to hurry and wear it for a long time from the beginning. I wanted to start slow, so that I get used with it. I have increased the time gradually as well as the level of compression until I’ve managed to wear it for eight hours a day with the strongest level of compression. But this was while I was staying at home and I was curious how it will be at the gym.  

After I was feeling super comfortable wearing the waist trainer I thought it was time to workout with it on. Well, after my first training with the waist cincher on I was feeling exhausted. All the exercise were so intense, I was feeling all my muscles working and I was sweating so much. I can say that it was my first real training when I knew I’ve burnt calories. This made me confident and I never trained without my waist trainer again!

steel boned waist trainer

How has the waist trainer helped my silhouette

I have been using the waist trainer for three months now and I have to say that the results are amazing! I don’t even want to remember how I’ve looked before losing weight, because right now I look better than never. I can say that I’m even thinner then when I was in my twenties.

The waist cincher has helped me lose four inches from around my waist which now is very slim and visible. It also helped me have for the first time in my life a flat and toned abdomen. And it helped me straighten my back as I have been wearing it while working in front of my computer and made me stay in a correct position.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

I like how tight fitted clothes look on me now and when I wear shaper shorts they look even better. This is my little trick for whenever I want to feel more confident and sexier ever since I was in high school. And as a woman you must own some bodysuits and shaper shorts, they are body and life changing.

I do not think that without the waist trainer I would manage to lose the weight I have gained and I’m absolutely sure that only with sport I would have not gotten such a beautifully shaped waist and abdomen. I have recommended it to all of my girlfriends and after seeing my body transformation they have started using it too.

butt lifter shorts

My advice to all of you who are afraid of using shapewear is to not be afraid and to go ahead and try it, because you won’t regret it! You will definitely see improvements and depending on your lifestyle and body type these improvements will show up really fast or with a little bit of time. The most important thing is to not give up and to be patient for the results to show! And of course to use body shapers constantly!

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