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Article: How to match with shapewear bodysuit underwear?

How to match with shapewear bodysuit underwear?

How to match with shapewear bodysuit underwear?

The top bodysuit is a sexy outfit! So, any way you wear the slimming bodysuit it will draw attention to the body and its curves, which is very cool, but it requires certain care to not go over the point and overdo it. So, the bodysuit top can be feminine, cool, extremely sexy, cool and even very elegant, just know what to combine.


With shorts

Yes with denim waist trainer shorts or any material the bodysuit is welcome. A tip, the shorter the shorts, the longer or wider the bodysuit top, as this balance inhibits any exaggeration. Now, if you are safe with your body, play in the short and tight bodysuit. Here it fits well with flat sandals or wedge sandals.


With jeans

Jeans are our companion and it couldn't be different with the top bodysuit. And one thing that you can't escape is that the piece is tight and outlines the body, showing the curves. However, do you want to make it more comfortable? Wear flare pants (with the bigger one), it balances the volume of the hips and makes the silhouette beautiful!


The shoes here are super suitable, bodysuit with thin strappy heels, flare with wedge and skinny with low, how about that? What is your favorite?

With varied skirts

From the fairest and most sensual, to the most rounded and romantic, the looser the bottom the more comfortable you are and with the body less marked too, great for those with breeches and wide hips. For skinny and tall a tight denim skirt as the example is wonderful!

With pantaloons

The perfect pair of top bodysuit for a beautiful, modern and super cool look! Bet on the long pantalon or the pantacourt that continues on high, in addition they are great for being loose on the body and leave the production super sophisticated!

With a third piece

The third piece is great for any production, since with the bodysuit it allows you who are afraid to exaggerate when using this piece, after all it leaves you’re back protected and the rest super tight, too beautiful.


Beautiful, the bodysuit FeelinGirl waist trainer brings structure to the thick and generally bulky garment that comes over the top, it gives the body a curve allowing an elegant and contoured look to the silhouette, even in winter.


Top bodysuit tips:

  • The deep neckline values ​​those who have a small bust, daring in the right measure. For those with a large bust, they should choose smaller necklines.
  • There are bodysuit models that look like blouses and look impeccable all day. Great for those who need and like to be tidy always.
  • The bodysuit can be worn at work, as long as it does not show much skin, nor have cleavages and large backs. The options are to combine with high-waisted pantacourt pants, midi skirt or pajama pants.

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