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Article: New Arrivals Waist Trainer and Thigh Trimmer for Women

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New Arrivals Waist Trainer and Thigh Trimmer for Women

You know that shapewear plays a very important role into a woman’s wardrobe and it is the best when it comes to loosing weight and reshaping your body. This is why is very important to own a few body shapers and to use them daily, so that you will look your best all the time!

Now days shapewear has improved and modern designs which makes it very performant and with good results if worn properly and on a regular basis. FeelinGirl store has invested a lot into delivering the best quality body shapers on the market and they always have the most innovative and newest body shapers you can find. They always have new arrivals when it comes to waist trainers and thigh trimmers and their collections follow the latest fashion trends!

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Why is important to use shapewear?

Women should use shapewear regularly so that they can have beautifully contoured bodies and to feel confident in any outfit. Body shapers can help you lose weight faster and to obtain an hourglass body figure. Another thing that body shapers do is reshaping your silhouette and hiding the fat away, making them perfect to wear whenever you might want to wear tight clothes.

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What shapewear is best to use?

There are many types of body shapers out there, but some of the most popular items from FeelinGirl are the waist trainers, the thigh trimmers and the bodysuits. These items are must haves if you plan on losing weight faster.

waist and thigh trainer

Which new arrivals from FeelinGirl to choose: the waist trainer or the thigh trimmer?

As a leading store specialized in selling high quality shapewear, FeelinGirl always has new arrivals when it comes to waist trainers and thigh trimmers. Both body shapers are very popular and in high demand, but you have to know which one suits your needs the best.

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Choose a waist trainer if you want an hourglass silhouette

The waist trainer resembles an old corset, but doesn’t have laces and is very comfortable. Usually it is made out of neoprene or latex, which are thick fabrics perfect for adding compression and making the muscles stay warm. Yet, these are also breathable and soft fabrics, which contributes to a high level of comfort.

The latex waist trainer will help you lose weight by adding compression to your waist area. It has one, two or three adjustable belts that are very useful as they enable you to set the level of compression you can handle and increase it gradually. While compressing your waist line, the waist cincher will make you lose excess water and this way burn fat faster. Your waist will get smaller, your abdomen will become flat and you will get closer to the hourglass silhouette!

It is best to use the waist trainer every time you go to the gym for exercising. This way your training will become more intense, you will sweat more and lose those kilos faster.

You can also use it while staying at home and relaxing, it will still help you lose weight and contour your body!

waist trainer thigh trimmer

Choose a thigh trimmer for reshaping your thighs

Every woman wishes for long and slim legs, so that she can wear short skirts and to look amazing in swim suits. And the thigh trimmer from FeelinGirl will help you achieve this goal. It is made out of neoprene and it comes with adjustable straps. You just have to put it around your thighs, add the amount of compression you can handle and start running or exercising. You will have slimmer thighs in no time!

thigh trimmer

Choose a thigh trimmer with waist trainer for a whole body reshaping

On the other hand if you wish for a smaller waist line and thinner thighs, go for a two in one body shaper from FeelinGirl like the thigh trimmer with waist trainer. This shapewear item will manage to reshape your entire body by adding compression both to your waist and thighs. It usually comes with a waist band with one or two adjustable belts that are connected to the thigh trimmers. By using it daily you will have a smaller waist line, a flat abdomen, thinner thighs and even your booty will be lifted! You will also have a better posture, because your back will stay in the correct position while wearing the waist trainer with thigh trimmers. It is a fantastic body shaper that you need to have in your wardrobe!

double belt waist trainer

When to wear the body shapers?

If you decided what shapewear item suits you best, you might wonder when to wear it. You should wear it every day and especially when going to the gym for workouts. You can start by wearing it one or two hours a day and you can increase this time gradually until you are able to wear it all day long!

Shapewear will change your body and give you a fabulous hourglass silhouette. Also, shapewear will contribute to your mental health, because you will become more confident and happier as you will look amazing and will be able to wear whatever your heart desires!

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