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Article: Top 5 Plus Size Shapewear for Body Shaper

feelingirl shapewear

Top 5 Plus Size Shapewear for Body Shaper

Do you know as a women what shapewear is the best choice to enhance your curve lines? It is very important to choose it correctly, so that it will smooth the fat and not make it more obvious!

plus size shapewear for women

When you are a plus size girl is not that easy to find the right shapewear, but it’s not that difficult as it was in the past, because now there are many options of body shapers, even in larger sizes on the market. One place where you will be able to find many plus size shapewear items is FeelinGirl, an online store specialized in selling high quality shapewear. Their sizes for the plus size products go all the way to 6XL. And if you are not sure what to choose, you can check the FeelinGirl review section where you will find many testimonials from clients all over the world about their products! They even offer free international shipping for all orders over 70$.

And to make things easier for you, I have selected 5 of the best plus size body shapers you could buy from FeelinGirl. 

1. The plus size waist trainer for hourglass silhouette

waist trainer with zipper and straps

One of the biggest issues for a plus size woman is the fat from the waist area. If your waist is not contoured it will make you look rounder and clothes on fit you perfectly. This is why you need to start using a waist trainer with zipper and straps from FeelinGirl. This body shaper will help you achieve a smaller waist line instantly. It works by adding compression to your waist and slimming it. It has a zipper which makes it super easy to put on and a wide band which you can adjust and add as much compression you can handle. It also has an open bust, so that you can wear your own bra.

It's best to wear it on a daily basis and to increase the level of compression and the number of hours you wear it gradually. For better results you should wear it while you do your fitness exercises, this way your training will become more intense and you will lose weight faster.

2. The plus size full slimming bodysuit

slimming bodysuit for plus size women

A full bodysuit should not be absent from your wardrobe and if you don’t have one already, you should hurry up and buy one. One of the best plus size bodysuits for women is the slimming bodysuit from FeelinGirl that covers your entire body. It will smooth out your entire silhouette so that you will come closer to the hourglass figure. And because is made out of a super soft and stretchy fabric, you will be able to wear it the entire day without getting any irritations or feeling any discomfort. It has adjustable straps and an inner hook and zipper which makes it super easy to put on. You also won’t have to worry if you have a larger bust, because the chest part is highly elastic.

3. The plus size open bust bodysuit with shorts perfect for slimmer thighs

Another fantastic choice is the bodysuit with open chest and shorts. This item is perfect for women who also want for their thighs to look slimmer. It has three layers of fabric on the abdomen to keep it flat and make the waist tiny and you don’t have to worry about the shorts because they won’t roll up.

This plus size shapewear product from FeelinGirl is perfect to wear with open shoulder clothes or with summer clothes, because it has detachable straps.

best shapewear for tummy control underwear

4. The slimming panties

One of the most popular shapewear items out there are the slimming panties also known as spanx. Made out of nylon and spandex, these panties will slim your waist and hips so that you will look fabulous in everything! The have spiral steel bones that prevent rolling and falling while you move and the fabric is soft, breathable and sweat-wicking. They have a high waist which will smooth the fat from your waist and abdomen and they will also lift your booty.

If you like best to wear trousers or pencil skirts, then these slimming panties from FeelinGirl are the perfect choice for you!

slimming shorts and panties

5. The vest waist trainer that will support your back

double belt waist trainer for women

I’m sure that as a plus size woman you have encountered some back problems that prevented you to workout at the gym or to lift weights. However, with the vest trainer from FeelinGirl you won’t have these issues anymore. This body shaper will offer you support and keep your back in the correct position so that you will be able to workout freely. It has an open bust, so you don’t have to worry if you have larger breasts. The two adjustable straps will add a bigger compression to your waist so that you will lose weight faster.

double belt waist trainer

Now it will be super easy to go to the gym and exercise and you won’t remember what back pain is!

All of these five products from FeelinGirl are perfect for all plus size women, but they will also fit smaller sizes as well. They will help you look amazing in your clothes and it will boost your confidence. You will get slimmer each day and thus happier!  

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