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Article: Buy Shapewear that Fits Your Body Perfectly

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Buy Shapewear that Fits Your Body Perfectly

High Waisted Shaper Shorts

high waisted shaper shorts

Trends in clothing and lingerie trends come and go but one thing will still remain constant: how much shapewear you need in your closet. It may not be the trendiest, funniest things in your wardrobe, but when it comes to feeling confident and looking fantastic, those high-waisted control undies and flesh-colored slip dress that sucks everything in are crucial.

tummy control underwear

Do you think Scarlett Johansson sets foot on a red carpet without a pair of supertight waist shaper shorts this this on to ensure her dress looks flawless? Celebrities have known about this wardrobe superpower for years. Kim Kardashian likes shapewear so much that she began a line of her own. With high-tech fabrics and design cinching you where needed and keeping it together for a streamlined silhouette, Shapewear gives you the secret oomph to look your best. Feeling really bloated? Move into briefs with high-waisted regulation. Not keen on revealing the lines of underwear? Shaping shorts like this will provide you with the protection and trust that you need.

Body Shaper Slimming Panties

slimming panties

A word of warning, though: it should never be too tight or awkward, or too hard to put on while shapewear is meant to give you a sleeker silhouette. Too tight shapewear, which is a health hazard, can impede circulation.

What pieces do you need, with so many choices out there and how do you wear them? Read on and shop now for our shapewear choices from FeelinGirl. A body suit can help to smooth the chest, raise the bosom and strengthen the bottom. Some have built-in bras, but without a built-in bra, you can also look for a bodysuit, so you can wear your own. A high waist body shaper like this helps give you a formed waist, elevated bust and shapely thighs. Although a good body control dress will smooth your silhouette, it's easier than a bodysuit to go to the bathroom! It won't make you appear magically smaller in height. Try shaping a camisole if you want to smooth your tummy without the potential pain of shaping your panties. If you wear a slightly sheer top or just want some extra layering and form on top, it's also perfect.

Best Slimming Shorts Panties

shapewear shorts

High waist shaping shorts are for you, if you want to lift your bum and smooth your legs, without a tell-tale panty line! To better shape your legs, you can also get longer leggings.

Latex Waist Trainer with Belts


latex waist trainer


Seriously, slimming waist trainer for women is all you need if you are looking for the figure of an hourglass? Slip into a cincher on your stomach to help nip your waist. It's a bit like a large belt and helps to smooth the area around your stomach. Start with a pair of control briefs, if you're just dipping your toe into shapewear. They help give you a shapely back by lifting and rounding the ass, with several pairs also featuring tummy control panels for added confidence.

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